The motto of MECA Houston shall be Love, Peace, Unity, and Solidarity.

Association name:
Manyu Elements Cultural and Development
Association in Houston, Texas

P.O. Box 2104
Bellaire, Texas 77402

Brief history of association (3-5 sentences only):
The elements of Manyu division residing in  Houston, Texas Metropolitan Area in the United States of America, conscious of the need to protect and to promote the socioeconomic, political, and cultural development of Manyu division; willing to foster the spirit of unity, loyalty, and solidarity among Manyu constituents both in the Texas, United States of America, and elsewhere, considering the need to foster and to encourage collective use of our resources to develop this division, established the Manyu Elements Cultural and Development Association in Houston, Texas  USA,  (MECA-Houston) in 1991.  Current membership stands at one hundred and fifteen (115) members.

The objectives of MECA Houston are to:

Encourage and promote unity, love, loyalty, mutual respect, collective responsibility, and
cooperation among Manyu elements residing in Houston and elsewhere.

  • Support and assist members of the association and their immediate families in times of need and difficulties; promote unity and goodwill amongst its members and local community.
  • Network with other MECA USA branches and chapters to revitalize Manyu Division.
  • Encourage and promote the establishment of private businesses and corporations in Manyu Division.
  • Work with other MECA USA chapters to establish quality health care institutions in Manyu Division.
  • Revive and foster Manyu cultural heritage within and outside Houston, Texas.

Ongoing projects:

  • Construction and operation of the Multi Purpose Center (MPC) in Mamfe, Manyu Division – consisting of a pharmacy, diagnostic medical laboratory, library, and a chapel.
  • “Adopt a School” Project – Every year providing textbooks, notebooks, and writing materials to primary school pupils in Manyu villages. 

Chief John Etta - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4006 Harwood Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77479 - Tel. (832) 656-4938