Brief history of association:

FedFed Texas, a branch of Nkumu FedFed, is a Non-profit Organization established in 2011 in Houston, Texas. NkumuFedFed our mother organization was established in 1996 as a local association of Bali Nyonga sisters, since then, it has grown into an international network of women’s groups, with branches in Cameroon, Europe and the United States. The organization is committed to improving the status and living conditions of vulnerable communities, notably women, youths and the girl child in rural areas of Cameroon.


Fedfed Texas has embraced and supported the vision of NkumuFedFed and contributed towards its mission. FedFed Texas is a group consisting of dedicated women who champion the course of vulnerable women and children in 4 focus areas.

·      Gender & Children’s Rights: Fight for the rights of children especially girls.

·      Education: Provide a means to education for vulnerable children.

·      Health: Make health care accessible to women and children to help prevent despair.

·      Secure Livelihood: Provide small loans to hard working women in rural areas, so they can help themselves.

Ongoing Projects:

·      Building a nursery school at Mbufung, Bali (2016, ongoing).

·      Paying PTA teacher in Mbufung, Bali (2016, ongoing).

·      Support the Gwan Multipurpose Center (GMC) which houses a training center for vulnerable youths, who get trained and provided equipment necessary for them to start their own business.

·      Gwan Multipurpose Center (GMC) also houses orphans and victims of child trafficking.

·       Educate the community on issues that face the vulnerable population. Funds generated from donations are used to provide services to this population.

·      Services provided extend to the international community as we join the rest of the world in "Celebrating the international day of the girl child" in October of each year. We invite children from different backgrounds and countries to celebrate this important day with us. Our goal here is to empower adolescent girls as they find their way through life.

·      Pay tuition to three orphans at Gwan Multipurpose Center (GMC) on going.

·      Paid PTA teacher’s salary in GTHS Gugong

·      Provided back to school supply to Government Primary School, Bali town.

·      Donated children’s clothing items to catholic hospital in Bali.

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