Motto: Unity, Culture and Progress

About FECA Houston
In 1999 two visionary ladies Iya Jennet Mamua Mbua and Iya Nadou Bodylawson attended a FAKO America national convention in Minnesota, USA. Impressed by the convention they decided to bring the vision to Houston, Texas and formed what was then called “Bakweri Elements Association” The first President of the group was our late Iya Martha Kebbi with Mola Henry Njie as her able Vice President. Since then the name has evolved to FECA – Houston. In summer each year, members of FECA Houston attend the national convention organized by FAKO America and hosted by the different chapters of FAKO America.

Objectives and Goals
FECA – Houston is a non-profit social and cultural group with the following objectives:

  • To promote the spirit of the FAKO CENTRICITY: revival and preservation of the Bakweri culture, civic responsibility, unity, diversity, social justice and equity.
  • Provide educational and professional support to FECA members and people of FAKO region.
  • To provide and promote a networking forum for members on education, profession, cultural, social and any other activities that project and foster our aspirations
  • To facilitate the provision of charitable and social services to communities in FAKO division.
  • Encourage, facilitate and broaden network with other FAKO groups and communities in Houston
  • To inculcate into the "new" FAKO generation, the spirit of self-awareness, self-pride and cultural development
  • To promulgate a sense of continuity among past, present and future members
  • To provide support to our members

Ongoing projects
As part of our objective of providing education support to FAKO region, FECA- Houston has paired up with FECA- Illinois to provide the following:

  • Support nursery education in BOVA – Buea. We constructed a sanitary system for the school (boys, girls and teachers)
  • We cemented damaged classroom floors.

FECA – Houston is currently working with Dr. Mike Fonge to establish a library for the nursery school students in Bova –Buea

Mrs. Mamua Mbua – FECA Houston President
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