Brief history of association:
Association started by a group of Bakossi students in 1990 under the name: Bakossi All Students Union (BASU-USA). Subsequent name change was a reflection of the change in demographics and social status of association members with many of the pioneers having graduated from college. Today, the group has grown to over 1000 members in over 10 chapters across the USA.

BACDA-USA is a non-profit, apolitical, cultural, and development organization dedicated to the nurturing and fostering of the Bakossi culture and traditional values amongst current and future generations of ‘Bekosse’ in the USA. BACDA-USA collaborates with other organizations in advancing education and economic development within Bakossi-land. Our core goals include:

  • Fostering cultural integration in our host country, the USA, in strict compliance with its laws
  • Promoting economic, academic and social empowerment among the Bakossi in the Diaspora and Cameroon
  • Promoting a networking forum for BACDA-USA members
  • Encouraging fraternity amongst the Bakossi through cultural and social interactions as well as with other Cameroonian ethnic groups
  • Imparting the spirit of self-pride within the Bakossi community in the USA

Ongoing projects:
While the umbrella association undertakes large-scale projects on local infrastructure, education and health care services, the Houston Branch is currently focused on providing basic learning materials for elementary education in Bakossi-land. We believe some of the key challenges to genuine and sustainable development are rooted in education and healthcare. Within our niche of childhood education we identify the following issues:

  • Dilapidating and unsafe school buildings
  • Lack of adequate furniture and teaching materials
  • Lack of adequate sanitation facilities
  • Lack of basic school stationeries: books, pens, etc.

Our goal this academic year is to raise $7K to provide teaching and pedagogic materials for 50 classrooms and an additional $3K to provide school supplies for 150 disadvantaged elementary school pupils. 

Contacts/email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emmanuel Njumbe: BACDA –Houston Chapter President