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Camcoh Immigration Forum - August 17, 2013

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As part of CAMCOH's greater strategy of delivering differentiating value, Members of the community attended the second Immigration Clinic last Saturday August 17, 2013 in Hilton Hotel, SW Freeway. The panel of 6 highly experienced Cameroonian borned attorneys presented the US immigration law in the most simplistic form for the consumption of all the attendees. All six Attorneys gave outstanding presentations on their area of expertise. The presentations were made enjoyable, easy to consume and brought some laughter into the law system.

The most simple but very fundamental message I kept hearing is that, if you intend changing your status to permanent residence you have the burden of proving that you provide benefit to the US.

Attorney Joe Fonlon chaired and coordinated the Q&A session. Attorney Innocent Anchang open the floor with a detailed insight on the various categories of immigration status. Attorney Kevin Patcha addressed the current immigration law. Attorney James Epo addressed deportation and criminal offenses. Attorney Joe Fonlon couldn't overstate the point that the law is important to know but your actions and conducts are just as important. Attorney Emmanuel Eloundu elaborated on Executive Orders that the Current President (President Barack Obama) has undertaken which has direct impact on our immigration status and how we can benefit from those. Attorney Elvis Angyiembe discussed the current Senate Immigration Bill and the impact on us. Elvis read the complete 184 pages Senate Bill and summarized the excerpts that are of relevance to Cameroonian immigrants. For instance, if the Senate Bill passes as is, you have 1 year to compile and apply for the respective benefits. The bill removes the 1 year requirement to file for asylee after entering the US, the bill allows for non-immigrants to have dual intents such as studying and staying in the US, etc. Below was the schedule of presentation:
- Introduction, framing and moderator - Joe Fonlon, Attorney at Law
- Non Immigrant Status And Categories - Innocent Anchang, Attorney at Law
- Visa Status - Kevin Patcha, Attorney at Law
- Deportation And Crimes - James Epo , Attorney at Law
- Immingration Laws - Emmanuel Eloundou, Attorney at Law
- New Immigration Laws And Legislative Update - Elvis Angyiembe , Attorney at Law September 

Finally the attendees had about 2 hours asking the expert panel multiple questions. I am certain everybody went home with very valuable information. I want to sincerely thank all the Attorneys for their pro bono services to the community and specials thanks to Attorney Joe Fonlon for chairing the session.

I thank the entire community for sharing the vision of CAMCOH and for your continuous support.
Elive Menyoli
Links to VIDEOS: Events  Series  Questions & Answers


Links to VIDEOS: Events  Series  Questions & Answers


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  • Comment Link Elive Tuesday, 20 August 2013 22:45 posted by Elive

    Excellent information sharing forum. The attorneys were very knowledgeable and the community can definitely benefit from their expertise.

  • Comment Link Cedric Kouam Thursday, 22 August 2013 11:56 posted by Cedric Kouam

    Many thanks to CAMCOH and the panel of lawyers for a great initiative. I was not able to attend this second forum but had a chance to attend the first one last year, with almost the same panel. Very informative; I hope the community uses these opportunities to educate and empower itself.