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Bylaws - Cameroonian American Community of Houston

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Cameroonian American Community of Houston

By Laws

Adopted April 10, 2010


ARTICLE I: Meeting Quorum

  • CAMCOH business will be conducted when a quorum is met. For the General Assembly, that quorum shall be 40 percent of all registered members. All other committees shall establish their own criteria to form a quorum from the beginning.
  • In case of tele conference, the quorum shall be made up of 50 percent of the respondents to the invitation

ARTICLE II: Elections

  • The Executive committee shall appoint a nominating Committee which shall be charged with nominating candidates for various offices. The General Assembly shall entertain nominations from the floor.
  • Candidates for office shall have been members of CAMCOH in good standing for at least 12 months prior to the elections.
  • Candidate for office shall demonstrate sound knowledge of the constitution and functioning of CAMCOH.
  • All officers are eligible to run for two terms.
  • To be eligible to vote a member should have been a registered member for at least 90 days.


  • Registration is free. Members shall pay an annual membership fee of $US 50. Annual membership fees for full times students shall be $US 10 and youths, 18 and below shall pay no annual dues.
  • Contributions raised during the death of an active member shall be handled by the Finance Committee who shall disburse the money to meet basic expenses related to funeral arrangements in the US or Cameroon as the case may be. If the policy is paid by CAMCOH, 80% of what remains will go to CAMCOH and 20% will go to the family. In the event that additional funds are raised during the funeral 60% will go to family and 40% to the community.

ARTICLE IV:  Electronic News and Discussion

  • CAMCOH will establish and maintain a website for all its activities which include general information provided by an interactive website. CAMCOH shall solicit the services of computer experts within the organization to assist in the creation and maintenance of these websites. In addition to the general website CAMCOH shall also establish the following internet resources:         
    • There will be a listserve for general discussion will be moderated. All postings must deal with the functions of CAMCOH.  
    • Committees may also establish a listeserve for discussions. 
    • If needed, and on the recommendation of the President, a listserve for special projects may be established.
  • The Secretary of CAMCOH shall be responsible for the functioning of all the internet resources. The Secretary shall carry out this function with the assistance of experts appointed by the Executive committee.
  • The contents of all information on the website and discussion groups remain official documents of CAMCOH and cannot be erased without the permission of the executive committee. This provision shall not be used to hinder the updating and redesign of the website. Prior to updating, existing documents should be backed up.
  • CAMCOH will strive to maintain free and open speech throughout the organization.
    • CAMCOH encourages members to participate in all discussions and refrain from conduct that disparages other members.
    • To protect the privacy of our members, CAMCOH emails should not be forwarded to non CAMCOH forums.
    • CAMCOH shall foster fairness in its communication and make sure that those who use its electronic communication services comply with local and federal regulations. 
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