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Dear Cameroonian Community,

A few weeks back the US Senate passed the bipartisan immigration bill and I believe this summer the US house of representative will pass their own version of immigration reform bill. Some house representatives are saying that this is the year they are going to do it, as long as folks in the Capitol put country ahead of party. On PBS, Senator John McCain put it this way “without Immigration Reform, GOP cannot win a National election”. In the same spirit CAMCOH leadership is putting our community first. Therefore, to make sure our community is prepared for the potential changes in immigration, CAMCOH is organizing a forum to discuss the issues at hand. Our Attorneys (Joe Fonlon, Kevin Patcha, Innocent Anchang, Elvis Angyiembe and James Epo) in town have agreed to offer a pro bono service to the community about the changes. This will allow the Cameroonian community to be better prepared.

Please come prepared with your questions to engage our experts on this challenging issue. They will discuss some specificity pertaining to our folks and inform on what documents to start compiling to get us ready.

This event will take place on Saturday August 17.

Venue: Hilton Houston Southwest
6780 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas, 77074
TEL: 1-713-977-7911
Time: 2 - 6pm